2nd and Nun Street Group

Core Beliefs

·       We are experts.  We are experienced and accomplished at our work.

·      We are humble.  The client is the expert about their business.  We are respect the client’s expertise.

·      We are relevant.  We focus on what is most important to the client, not what we think they should focus upon. 

·      We add value with every encounter.  We do not get paid to show up.  We get paid to move things forward.

·      We are creative. We invent solutions for our clients. There are no boilerplate answers.

·      We are good humored in the face of all situations.

·      We communicate thoroughly.  The client is always aware of our progress.

·      We solve backwards.  We do not default through projects, we engineer to the right solution.

·      We focus on outcomes. Our clients need help, not PowerPoint slides.

·      We respect time.  We believe our best work is done when we abide by the adage: Be brief, be bright and be gone.

·      We attenuate; we do not amplify. We seek to reduce anxiety. Our clients do not engage us to create drama or add complexity to their lives.

·      We do not take ourselves too seriously. 

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