Monday, February 13, 2012

A Millennial State of Mind

I have always pitied anyone who tried too hard to relate to youth, so these results are a bit startling.  I do not really have much in common with Millennials (other than a delight in Lady GaGa), but I strive to understand them.  A few years ago I realized that in the United States we demonize youth.  That seemed like a certain path to unhappiness for me.  How would I be happy in the last third of my life if I had no respect for the kids who were stepping into the shoes I left behind?  So, I try to approach this complex generation (which is defined for me as the first generation in our culture to have clocked more years of their life with the US engaged with overt enemies than any other since the Revolution) with understanding, affection and humor.  Really, they are the future, what other choice is there but to embrace them?