Sunday, December 25, 2011

Duty, loyalty, honor...what veterans can teach high-tech

My friend Neil Seymour is in Kuwait....his story is remarkable, a working class kid who enlisted for the opportunity of education.  Now, with a BA and an MBA under his belt, he did not abandon his commitment, but embraced his duty...and serves with integrity and patience.  He will pay his dues in order to realize his dreams.  He is an example.  And his story should be shared with every young person of privilege before they impatiently demand their next raise, promotion, atta-boy, stock option or vacation.

Merry Christmas, Neil...far away but well loved!


  1. As an ex-Navy man, I congratulate him on his service, and thank him.

  2. Nancy, we had activated reserved military working at AOL. Young people on the tech side and programming side. Heather and I organized a group of people to send care packages. HR had never thought of it and was somewhat helpful. We sent a disc of AOL 8.0., which he was looking forward to and was sad to see its launch. Other logo'd stuff filled the box along with some goodies. We met with him after his safe return. The year was 2003 or so. I don't think he felt as comfortable with his peers as he had before his tour.--june