Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dija hear the one about the HR wonks at Microsoft?

Look, there are three kinds of people in this world:
  1. people who make jokes; 
  2. people who laugh at jokes;
  3. people who wonder what everyone else is laughing about.
HR has always fallen into the third category. 

However, even with this common knowledge of the impaired humor status of HR, apparently some of the Microsoft HR Wonks are providing a performance rating on the use of humor in the workplace.  This should be good.

Can I just say this from the outset: if you are competent at humor by the standards of the HR department, any HR department, I guarantee that you are not funny.

And, conversely, if you are even a little bit funny, you are probably at risk of not succeeding at work occasionally (I speak from some painful experience here; my career setbacks are a panoplia of humor gone awry).

But, here we go, with the Microsoft HR designed proficiency levels at humor in the workplace:

A sense of humor is not teachable, therefore it is not something that has levels of proficiency.

And, if  we are going to start with proficiency tables; let's create some that are helpful.  I have included a couple:

Proficiency Level

Ok, my point has been made.

HR does not get humor, although they might have stumbled onto a taxonomy for a potato salad renaissance.

More later.